Dear Oxford City Council,

Please can I have a list of the managers names within your Highways, Traffic and Transport services.

Yours faithfully,

Luke Brison

freedomofinformation, Oxford City Council

Dear Mr Brison,
Oxford City Council – Reference:9229
Thank you for your email dated 28th May 2020. Unfortunately the Council
does not hold the information you require as Highways are primarily a
function of  Oxfordshire County Council. However, Oxford Direct Services
(ODS) do have a highways manager for the work they carried out on behalf
of the County Council Shaun Hatton. I recommend you re-direct your enquiry
to Oxfordshire County Council who are responsible for  Highways, Traffic
and Transport Services in the city, via the following link, as I believe
they will be better placed to answer your request.
by email: [2][email address]
or by post:
Freedom of Information Team
County Hall
Yours sincerely
Kathryn Winfield
Freedom of Information Officer 
Kathryn Winfield | Freedom of Information Officer | Oxford City Council |
Law and Governance |
St. Aldate's Chambers | Oxford | OX1 1DS | Email: [email address]
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