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Peter Silverman made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Transport

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The request was successful.

Peter Silverman

Dear Department for Transport,

Please refer to these parliamentary questions from Helen Whately MP and the answers given by Andrew Jones, Under-secretary of State at the DfT on 30th March 2017


1. "The Department recently asked Highways England to identify the worst spots on the network, and they were targeted for cleaning in early March". Please provide me with copies of:

(a) The communication from to DfT to HE referred to.
(b) Any response from HE and any subsequent communications regarding this matter
(c) A list of the hotspots.
(d) The dates they were cleaned.

2. "This issue is raised constantly by Ministers with Highways England". Please provide me with copies of:

(a) the last 4 such communications from Ministers raising the issue (i.e. steps being taken by the Minister to ensure that Highways England fulfills its statutory duty to keep Kent's roads clean)sent in the 12months prior to 30th March 2017.
(b) the responses received in each case from HE

3. "It has a duty to adhere to the code of practice on litter and refuse, which is part of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and we monitor that very carefully". Please provide me with copies of:

(a) Any 4 documents recording such monitoring and/or communicating it in the 12 months prior to 30th March 2017.

If any of this is likely to be overly burdensome for you please provide me with guidance as to how I might modify my requests to make the task of complying with them more manageable and I will consider modifying them accordingly.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Silverman

Department for Transport

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your request for information which
has been allocated reference number P0014727.

A response will be issued to you in due course.


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Dear Mr Silverman,


Please find attached the response to your Freedom of Information request,


Kind regards



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