High Cost/Bulk Council Tax Liability Orders Impossible to Defend?

Currently waiting for a response from Southwark Borough Council, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Billing Authority

Complaints to Magistrates for Council Tax (CT) Liability Orders.

Going as far back as is reasonable (eg 5 years), up to the most recent data available, Please could you provide me with a table of information under the following headings:-

1. Date Of hearing
2. Number of CT Accounts Listed on a Complaint
3. Total Court fee paid
4. length of hearing - defended/undefended
5. Number of CT accounts Liability Order made against
6. Total costs awarded to Billing authority
7. Actual cost of preparing for and attending the hearing.
8. Number of Accounts in name of a Limited Company?

Yours faithfully,

Lady Fleming

Nicholas Welburn, Southwark Borough Council

Southwark Council - Information request

Our reference: 1029449

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