Heritage Routemaster 15H during Covid-19

This request has been withdrawn by the person who made it. There may be an explanation in the correspondence below.

Dear Transport for London,

I have a Freedom of Information request in regards to the Heritage AEC Routemasters on route 15H.

1. Did any of the Heritage Routemasters operate on 15H this year (2020)? If Not, why?

2. Was Stagecoach paid to operate the 15H this year? If yes, how much?

3. Why TfL wanted the Heritage Routemasters on 15H to operate during summer weekends and bank holidays only?

4. How much did TfL save by cutting the 15H services?

5. Do TfL plan to withdraw Heritage Routemasters from route 15 by not renewing the contract?

6. What are the future plans of the Heritage Routemasters on route 15?

Yours faithfully
Larry Bryant

Dear Transport for London

Due to your current financial situation, I wish to withdraw my current Freedom of Information request for the time being.

Yours faithfully

Larry Bryant