Heritage Champions

Sophie Mason made this Freedom of Information request to Lichfield District Council as part of a batch sent to 33 authorities

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was refused by Lichfield District Council.

Dear Lichfield District Council,

As part of Civic Voice’s ongoing Big Conservation Conversation campaign, we are undertaking research across England to ascertain how many local authorities currently have a Heritage Champion.

Heritage Champions are encouraged by Historic England as an executive member of the council who has lead responsibility for heritage. The person is expected to work closely with local community groups, Conservation Officers and Planning officials.

Would you be able to provide the following information?

• Are you aware of Historic England’s Heritage Champion Initiative?

• Does your local authority currently have an appointed Heritage Champion and if so, when were they appointed?

• Do you have the name and contact details of the Heritage Champion?

• If you do not have a Heritage Champion, do you have any plans to appoint such a person?

Yours faithfully,

Sophie Mason
Finance & Administration Officer
Civic Voice

FOI, Lichfield District Council

Dear customer,

Thank you emailing us with your FOI request.

We no longer accept FOIs by this email inbox.

We also do not respond to a wide range of FOI requests, where we have
already published data on our website. FOI requests we will not respond to
because data is already available online include:

* [1]Business rate list - full list of properties with voids/reliefs
* [2]Public health funerals
* [3]Public toilets, location, costs and complaints
* [4]Housing stock and tower blocks
* [5]Register of houses in multiple occupation
* [6]Cyber security
* [7]Former Friarsgate project
* [8]Animal establishments, sanctuaries and dangerous animals
* [9]Car park locations and prices
* [10]Taxi licensing
* [11]Waste and recycling

We also do not respond to FOIs about services provided by other councils
such as Staffordshire County Council and parish councils. If your FOI is
about one of the following, please contact the relevant councils:

Contact [12]Staffordshire County Council for FOIs about:

* Roads, street lights and illuminated signs, and on-street car parking
* Schools, nurseries and children centres
* Vulnerable adults and children
* Trading standards
* Disposes of waste and waste and recycling sites
* Libraries and mobile libraries.
* Public health

Contact the [13]relevant parish council about:

* Allotments.
* Village halls.
* Parish recreation grounds and play areas
* War memorials
* Footpath signage and lighting
* Neighbourhood plans.

If you still wish to submit an FOI request, [14]please fill in our FOI
request form – this helps us to process FOIs efficiently and quickly and
reduces costs.

Thank you

The legal and democratic team

Legal and democratic team

Lichfield District Council

District Council House, Frog Lane, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 6ZB


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