Heart Failure Service Information

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust did not have the information requested.

Niklas Marksteiner

Dear Sir / Madam

We are conducting a project which involves mapping heart failure services across the NHS and this request for information regarding the services provided by your organisation is an important part of this.

I would be grateful if you could please answer the following questions.

1. What is the name of your Heart Failure Service?
2. Population served by the Heart Failure Service?
3. What is the service setting?

a) Acute hospital
b) Community hospital
c) Integrated care
d) Primary care

4. Approximate case load of Heart Failure patients seen per week?
5. Number of follow ups in 2021/22?
6. Which populations do you provide the following services for and are you commissioned for these services?

a) Heart Failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFrEF)
b) Heart Failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFpEF)

7. Staff dedicated to Heart Failure:
a) Number of Heart Failure consultants (pa's)
b) Number of Heart Failure nurses (WTE)
c) Number of Heart Failure Pharmacists (WTE)

8. Which of these (a to g) does your NHS organisation have?
a) Access to open access ECHO
b) Access to Cardiac rehab?
c) HF Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT)
d) Cardiologist Non HF specialist
e) Cardiologist HF specialist
f) Cardiology Pharmacist
g) GPwER (previously called GPwSI)

9. Which of the following (h to n) service models do you provide?
h) Acute inpatient
i) HF outpatient
j) Hospital based ambulatory heart failure unit
k) Community based ambulatory heart failure unit
l) Home based service / care
m) Community based clinic
n) Heart Failure virtual ward

10. Do you believe that the current service specification adequately reflects the range and volume of activity your service provides? (Yes / No)

Many thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully,

Niklas Marksteiner

FOI (MCT), Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Dear Mr Marksteiner

Thank you for your recent email. Please note that Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust offers specialist in-patient and community services that support physical and mental health and specialist in-patient mental health (including high secure), learning disability, addiction and brain injury services. Further information is available at www.merseycare.nhs.uk.

As such, we therefore confirm that we do not hold the information requested and are unable to respond to your request on this occasion, therefore it has now been closed.

Review Procedure

We hope this provides the information required. However, if it is felt that the way the request was handled or the content of the response is unsatisfactory and should be reviewed, please write to the Information Governance Team at [email address] requesting an internal review and stating the reference number at the top of this document.

A request for an internal review should be submitted within 40 working days of the day this response was sent. Any such request received after this time will only be considered at the discretion of the Data Protection Officer.

If it is then felt that the outcome of the internal review is unsatisfactory, a complaint can be made directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for a decision, but it should be noted that the ICO will not make a decision unless the Trust’s internal review process has been followed first. The ICO’s contact details are available at www.ico.org.uk/global/contact-us.

Kind regards,

The FOI Team
Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust
Trust Offices
V7, Kings Business Park
Prescot, Merseyside
L34 1PJ
Email - [email address]

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