Health Implications of 5G technology

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Dear Public Health England,
The proposed rollout of 5G trials in this country was announced in March 2018. The trial does not seem to include any mention of monitoring of potential health impact on humans, plants and animals.
Scientists and doctors called on the EU for a moratorium on 5G citing the lack of independent studies on health and environmental effects.
Bearing these in mind, could you please provide answers to the following questions:
1. What are the current exposure limit values for EMF, radio frequencies and mm wave frequencies?
2. What monitoring is currently taking place to ensure that these levels are not exceeded in individuals and in public places?
3. What is the independent research that indicates these levels are set at a safe level?
4. Have these studies used the mixture of EMFs to which we are now all exposed?
5. What independent studies on 5G have been considered before the test areas are exposed?
6. Will the national rollout happen without safety monitoring at the trial sites?
7. If this becomes government mandated exposure, what can citizens do to access funding from the government to screen their houses if they do not want this exposure?
8. 5G exposure will be added to existing rising exposure to EMF and radio frequencies. What research has been done to ascertain whether this extra exposure will have additive or synergistic effects on biological systems?
9. What is being done to ensure there are zones free of wifi and 5G, where exposure is not allowed?
10. What is being done to ensure that those responsible for the technology pay for the damage done by it? This could break the NHS and have long term environmental consequences

Yours faithfully,

J. Mwanzia

FOI, Public Health England

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FOI, Public Health England

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Dear J. Mwanzia,

Please find attached Public Health England's response to your request.

Kind regards,

FOI Team

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