Good morning.

I wish to gather information regarding NHS Health Checks in your area.

1. What is your approach to improving Health Check performance?
2. What is your annual budget for Health Checks?
3. How much do you pay service providers per Health Check?
4. Are Health Checks performed in the community, or purely via GP Practices? (e.g. health kiosks, occupational health, privately, etc.)
5. Do you have certain GP Practices who do particularly well, which may skew the average on the PHOF website, or do they generally all perform well?

Kind regards,

Mr B. Akehurst

Tracy Moorby, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

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Good Afternoon,


Please find attached our response to your recent request for information.






Tracy Moorby

Information Governance Officer


Information Governance Officer

CMBC Legal and Democratic Services

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