Paul Schmidtson

Dear JFS,

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I would like to know
a) the leadership spine point of the Head Teacher
b) the total remuneration of the Head Teacher from JFS School and Trust in the financial year 2010-11.
b) the leadership spine points of the deputy Head Teachers.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Schmidtson

!JFS Reception, JFS

Dear Mr Schmidtson


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request below. The School has
taken advice on the questions you have raised. It is only in exceptional
circumstances that disclosure of specific information relating to specific
individuals is deemed to be appropriate as the School's Freedom of
Information obligations are in balance with its Data Protection
obligations to the individuals involved. We have approached the
individuals concerned (i.e. the Headteacher and the Deputy Headteachers)
and they have declined to consent to the release of this information.

We have then considered whether it is in the public interest to release
the information requested, notwithstanding the individuals declining to
consent to its release. We do not consider that it is, given that
publishing this information might deter applicants from working at the
School and could lead to decisions about salaries (and leadership points)
being based on public perception rather than performance because of fear
of adverse comment if information was available out of context.

We also considered whether it would be appropriate to provide a list of
positions with the leadership points alongside, however we do not consider
we can do this without linking the information to specific individuals
(who have of course refused consent).

So, for the reasons given we cannot provide the information you are
seeking in the format that you seek it. What we can say, which should be
helpful to you, is that members of the Senior Leadership Team (which
includes Deputy Headteachers) are placed on Individual Spine Ranges
depending on the size of the School. The rules for assigning members of
the Senior Leadership Team to Individual Spine Ranges are set out in the
annual Teachers' Pay and Conditions of Service Document published by the
Government. At JFS, the total remuneration of the Headteacher is identical
to his spine point on the scale.

Yours sincerely

Gill Harvey
Freedom of Information Officer

JFS School
The Mall
Telephone : 020 8206 3100

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