HB payments for boat licences and moorings

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Please provide m with the following information:

1. The number of applications for UC currently in payment
2. The number of applications Item 1 for which the HB Element is present
3. The number of applications Item 2 in which the HB element is for a navigation licence (commonly known as a "boat licence", "cruising licence", etc); and
4. The number of applications Item 2 in which the HB element is for a mooring fee

For the avoidance of doubt this is a requisition under the Freedom of Information Act.

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Dear Nick Brown,

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Nick Brown left an annotation ()

The Stat-xplore website ( https://stat-xplore.dwp.gov.uk/webapi/js... ) holds data by LA to 28-2-2019 but does not distinguish between "houses" and "boats".

Responses from individual LAs (which vary slightly from the DWP data) included in some cases (relying on "local knowledge")
HB stats for navigation licences and mooring fees.

At the time of writing (3-6-2019), by making a statistical assessment of the FOI responses from individual LAs I concluded that there are, in England, 1563 recipients of HB for a navigation licence and 2650 recipients of HB for a mooring fee.

Special note: I would like to specifically thank Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter, Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge, for his assistance in the preparation of my report. I have discussed my report with Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter but he takes no responsibility for its content.