Hawk Tmk1 in the Air Support Role

Currently waiting for a response from Ministry of Defence, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Ministry of Defence,

1. Can the Department confirm its plans for the use of Hawk Tmk1 in the Air Support Role out until the end of FY27/28? This specifically requests clarity be given wrt the following areas: 736 Naval Air Squadron (NAS), 100 Squadron (Sqn) and The Red Arrows. Key questions are as follows:

a. Clarify its position wrt any decision to extend 736 NAS operating the Hawk Tmk1 in the Air Support Role for an additional 18 months (iro November 2021). Please comment on TUPE considerations relating to contractor staff (Babcock), and FTRS aircrew. Please provide details of any IAC submission placed, including option submitted, in late 2018 along with the findings, recommendations and decisions.

b. What effect, if any, would an extension of 736 NAS have on the Forward Available Fleet (FAF) for 100 Sqn from April 2020, and what risk to the FAF in FY26/27 due to the depth fleet capacity to support requirements? Response to include the planned depth phase flow by aircraft serial numbers, intended use across the Hawk Tmk1 community and numbers of aircraft at unit level out until the end of FY26/27.

c. What is the latest position on the current HIOS contract with BAE Systems wrt Hawk Tmk1 support? Please provide aircraft serial numbers, planned maintenance phase flows, airframe hours of ALL remaining aircraft by serial number, and projected end of fatigue life for each airframe.

d. What is the status of the HIOS contract for the period April 2020 onwards? Please provide all non-commercial in confidence details.

e. What is the current disposition of the Hawk Tmk1 fleet numbers, maintenance phase flows, airframe hours of ALL remaining aircraft by serial number, and projected end of fatigue life for each airframe.

f. What is the funded Annual Flying Task (AFT) position for Hawk Tmk1 for 736 NAS, 100 Sqn and The Red Arrows each year out until the end of FY26/27 or disbandment, if earlier.

g. What is the breakdown of AFT allocated against each Hawk Tmk1 user in sub-para f? For example, out of 4,200hrs on 100 Sqn, how much is for: Close Air Support (CAS), Air-to-Air Adversary Training, Refresher Training/Conversion, Crew Continuation Training, Air Exercise Programme and Defence Engagement? For 736 NAS this could include Maritime Trials, Adversary and Fighter Control Training.

2. Please direct as required through sS staffs, ensuring as a minimum the following areas act as respondents:

Navy Comd – DACOS Av Staff
HQ Air – A7 Staff
HQ Air – 1Gp Hawk
DE&S – Hawk Fleet Manager
DE&S – Hawk In-service Delivery Manager

Yours faithfully,

Robert Toland

Air-DRes Sec-ParliBusiness (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

Dear Mr Toland,


Thank you for your e-mail of 10 January 2019 asking for information about
the Hawk T1.


It has been logged as an FOI request under reference 2019/00451.


The target date for response is 7 February 2019.



Paul Webb

Air-DRes Sec 3a1

Air Command Secretariat

Rm 2E027

Spitfire Block

HQ Air Command

RAF High Wycombe

HP14 4UE


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