Have the two former Labour Cabinet ministers on the Operation Ore list of suspects been investigated?

Wallace Morton made this Freedom of Information request to Home Office

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The request was refused by Home Office.

Wallace Morton

Dear Home Office,

It was reported in 2003 that two Labour MPs, said to be ex Cabinet Ministers, are on the Operation Ore list of suspects.The then Prime Minister answered a question in the House of Commons in 2003 about whether he was aware of anyone on the Operation Ore list.His response was that he would not comment on an ongoing police enquiry.Is this enquiry still current and are two former Labour Ministers on the list of suspects and have they been investigated by the Metropolitan Police? Yours Sincerely, Wallace Morton

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Wallace Morton left an annotation ()

I received a neither confirm nor deny response to this request but it is interesting to read how they reached the decision in their response which can be downloaded from this page. We know what is really going on and there are two ex Labour ministers on that list of suspects.

Wallace Morton left an annotation ()

Those Labour MPs are obviously on the Operation Ore list but I suspect the Met wouldn't go there when Labour were in government. It seems that some who do have the information considered putting it on Wikileaks but took legal advice beforehand. They were advised against doing so. I noticed that suspects in Surrey recently were arrested and had their computers taken for inspection so Operation Ore is still ongoing.

Peter:Brewster left an annotation ()

About time someone took out a private prosecution against the police for political corruption failing to prosecute the law of the land, allowing breach of the peace to occur and pandering....