Hate crime in the north-east

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Home Office,

I would like to get information on the number of hate crimes, specifically those relating to race and religion, in the Northumberland and Tyne & Wear regions over the last 10 years (or for as long as the data has been collected).

I am aware of the recent 'Hate Crime, England and Wales 2014/15' report and would like similar information for the regions mentioned.

Please, if possible, provide information specifically for Islamophobic crimes.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Cockburn

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Thank you

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Corcoran Hannah, Home Office

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Dear Mr Cockburn,


Thank you for your email of 23 November, in which you ask for the number
of racially and religiously motivated hate crimes in the Northumberland
and Tyne and Wear regions over the last 10 years and for information on
Islamophobic crimes.


Your request has been handled as a request for information under the
Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please find attached our response.


Best wishes,




Hannah Corcoran

Crime and Policing Statistics

1st Floor, Peel Building | 2 Marsham Street | London| SW1P 4DF

Tel: 020 7035 0294

Email:  [1][email address]




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