Hampstead Christ Church Child Abuse/Murder/Snuff Case Interviewing MET Police Officer Illegal Conduct, Governmental Bodies Illegal Conduct

Supreme Court of the United Kingdom did not have the information requested.

Dear Supreme Court of the United Kingdom,

Review Of Hampstead Christ Church Child Abuse/Murder/Snuff Case Interviewing MET Police Officer Illegal Conduct
Jane Webb 9 July 2015 Dear Independent Police Complaints Commission,
I would like to know whether it is within a police officers jurisdiction to speak with a witness in a non professional capacity about a sexual abuse case, without it being recorded and without other officers being present?
I would further like to know whether interviewing officers are trained on how to conduct themselves with regards to body language when interviewing a potential rape victim.
I would also like to know whether retractions are considered valid where two potential rape victims retracted testimony is not corroborative, whereas their original testimony was.
I would lastly like to know whether it is lawful for an officer to explicitly and knowingly lead a witness into reasoning that they themselves have not brought up first of all.
Yours faithfully,
Jane Webb
Independent Police Complaints Commission did not have the information requested.
Charlotte Peters Rock left an annotation ( 8 December 2015)
One might think that series of questions was reasonable enough to require an answer from a body lawfully in place to oversee police conduct.. assuming that is it's job.
IPCC surely has some form of documentary remit which could aid this member of the public?
Yours faithfully,

Jane Webb

The Father Of The Hampstead, Christ Church attending children in this case, has several businesses set up, which include high ranking members of The Church of England and MET Police. Surely this impedes on justice, considering the interviewing officer was from the MET police himself and also, The Church Of England also lay at the heart of this case, please review the following correspondence with the ecclesiastical society.

Reverend Donald Jones - Church Of England Minister
Dr David H Lee - Police Inspector
Ricky Dearman (Father of Hampstead Children)
"Tollgate Square Management Company"
Incorporation Date 14 December 1984

From: Jane Webb Sent: 09 July 2015 12:25 To: Ecclesiastical Committee Cc: [email address] Subject: ATTN OF: Jake Vaughan & Katya Simms

Dear Sirs, Madams,

I write to you today in good faith and with the hope you will not turn a blind eye to what can only be seen as a deeply distressing and blasphemous decision by a church, now currently at the centre of a scandal which has shaken many members of the public to their core.

In 1983 Christ Church, Hampstead, opened it's doors and allowed a musical group to perform there. The name of the group is Psychic TV. Now of course I have no qualms with a church welcoming musicians and artists into their sphere. However it is the bands history which is completely at odds with this decision on the part of the church. Locations included The Hell Fire Club caves 300ft. underground, Christ Church in Hampstead, and Caxton Hall. I am not sure if you are aware of the associations between Caxton Hall and Aleister Crowley...

The music recorded there featured a choir boy singing the lyrics of Charles Manson "always is always", a perverse allusion to death perhaps?

"The telephone line interference gives way to the glorious clarity of a solo choirboy singing 'Always is Always', a song penned by the murderer of psychedelic innocence: Charles Manson, and much sung by his adopted family of waifs and strays." https://www.headheritage.co.uk/unsung/re...
I have included the following review from one of the groups followers reviews of their 1982 release "First Transmission", which was released one year before Christ Church allowed the band to perform there.

"First Transmission" is a deeply unsettling compilation video that features several films made by The Temple ov Psychick Youth.It's about 6 hours long,it has the 'satanic abuse and murder' on it,a bunch of interviews,some ritual pornography,footage of People's Temple leader Jim Jones,Psychic TV on BBC2,and truly sick quasi-snuff film called "Castration Movie"."Psychic TV Vol.1" for example contains "The Ritual ov Psychick Youth" which documents a brutal and sadistic TOPY initiation ritual.We see a bound man whipped,drugged,ritualistically mutilated with a knife and smeared with his own blood.Then he is given a blood enema.This forty minutes long video is truly disturbing as it's obviously real with no special effects involved.Its sheer power to shock and disturb resulted in labelling Genesis P.Orridge as a Satanist.On the other hand,"Psychic TV Vol.2" features incredibly upsetting 'snuff' video "Castration Movie".A disclaimer in which claims that the following footage is being investigated by the FBI for acts of actual violence and mutilation,as well as the exploitation of children.The video then begins and you can kind of tell it was made in the mid maybe late 70's by the clothing and cars.It is grainy mostly looking like it was shot on a home camera of some sort.
Two men are apparently making the video,one a doctor of some sort and a cameraman whom we never see."Castration Movie" documents the two men setting up shop in a local motel and eventually persuading young boys to come to the motel room where they have some sort of miniature steel rod inserted in their arms.This rod apparently acts like a conductor of some sort to which they can then apply live wires to,to achieve some sort of electrical induced orgasm.The video then cuts for about 20 minutes of clipped footage of these boys using the new implants in different locations.Finally one of them in the motel room uses it too much and dies.The doctor freaks out,starts waving his hands around for the camera to cut which it does.The next scene is the doctor driving and the cameraman filming the road,and they apparently are splitting town crossing the Mexican border.Finally it shows them setting up shop in a Mexican hotel then it cuts to graphic scene of a young boy surgically castrated.Personally I don't know what to think about this extremely disturbing video.It appears to be real,but I strongly believe that some parts of it are cleverly simulated.On "Psychic TV Vol.2" there is also a propaganda documentary "Disaptches" about the rise of Satanism in UK.It claims that Psychic TV's "First Transmission" tape was a Satanic ritual and TOPY was responsible for murdering children."

Could someone from the Ecclasteical committee or indeed the church of England please tell me why Christ Church, Hampstead (which is now at the centre of allegations involving sadism, murder and paedophilia) allowed this group to perform on their premises? I must confess I am incredibly distressed to come across these facts, after many hours of research. It is certainly not commonly known knowledge.

I am sure, as men and women of God, you will be as outraged as me and understand such sinister happenings give more than credence to the children's allegations regarding insidious and wicked activities going on in this church.

Yours in faith,

Jane Webb
Dear Ms Webb

I am writing in reply to your e-mail of 9 July to the Ecclesiastical Committee.

The appointment of the Committee’s membership in the new Parliament has not yet been completed, and the Committee has not yet met in the current Parliament.

Even when the membership is completed, under the Church of England Assembly (Powers) Act 1919 the Committee has very limited terms of reference, which are to consider each measure (proposal for legislation) submitted to Parliament by the Church’s General Synod, and to report to Parliament “stating the nature and legal effect of the measure and its views as to the expediency thereof”. I regret that the Committee would therefore be unable to assist in this matter.

I see that you have cc’d your e-mail to the Church of England and I hope that they will be able to assist you. In addition, I understand that the general e-mail contact for the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace is [email address].

You may also be aware of the recently established Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse led by Hon. Lowell Goddard. The inquiry’s website is here: https://www.csa-inquiry.independent.gov....

Yours sincerely

Jake Vaughan House of Lords Secretary to the Ecclesiastical Committee

Please further review why one Ricky Dearman was erasing internet records of his business, located at 88-90 Hatton Gardens, prior to "The Diamond Heist" which occurred there, wherein the thieves uncovered child pornography involving MPs?

Hatton Garden heist leader found sick pictures of Tory child abuser in deposit box on earlier job http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/hat...

I am sure you will agree, this situation is beyond any modicum of civilised and competent conduct. It is vile.

Is it any surprise The Judge involved within the case, called out by MPs and Journalists alike for her position on immigrants hitting their children as being OK, deferred the opinion of a respected paediatrician Dr Hodes, in favour of a Tavistock Psychologist, who is infamous among working class families as being a means of distinct psychological distress but furthermore, that the illegal nature of the relationship between Tavistock, Coram and CAFCASS operating together, as admitted here

Dear Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust,

Do Tavistock work in partnership with CAFCASS and CORAM?

Yours faithfully,

Jane Webb

Dear Ms Webb,

The Trust does work with both.

Yours sincerely,

FOI Officer
Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

When they are required to by statute to be independent of the courts, social services, education and health authorities and all similar agencies?

Yours faithfully,

Jane Webb

FOI, Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

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Dear Ms Webb,


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