Gulf War Veterans and their death rates since 1991 to the present in relation to endocrine issues.

Waiting for an internal review by Ministry of Defence of their handling of this request.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

I have been told by your office that , regarding Gulf War Veterans, there have been 1,182 deaths from natural causes i.e. illness and disease.
Of that number how many have died with symptoms derived from hypopituitarism / pituitarism / Endocrine disorders and what is that rate in comparison to the public of the same age and sex etc., ?

Yours faithfully,

Julian Pope

Def Strat-Stat-PQ-FOI-Mailbox (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

Dear Mr Pope,


Thank you for contacting the Ministry of Defence.


Your request for recorded information is currently being considered under
the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 with reference FOI2019/08391.


You are entitled to receive a written response no later than 16 August


Kind Regards,


Defence Statistics




Def Strat-Stat-Health-PQ-FOI (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Good afternoon Mr Pope,

Please find attached the department's reponse to your request for information.

Kind Regards,

Defence Statistics Health

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Dear Def Strat-Stat-Health-PQ-FOI (MULTIUSER),
As you state in your reply ;

'I have established that the information on UK deaths due to hypopituitarism, pituitarism, or
endocrine disorders is not held by the Ministry of Defence. Therefore, it is not possible to compile Standardised Mortality Ratios (SMR) to compare the Gulf cohort with the UK population.',

You have purposefully neglected to compile any hypopituitarism (etc.) facts and therefore misdirected and misled the general populous awareness to hide any such links that might show the high proportion of Pituitary disorders compared to the public and / or non deployed personnel that did not receive the Anthrax vaccine.
If you cannot find the answer to the question I asked, and you continue trying to misdirect me and withhold any findings that will obviously shed light on the Hypopituitarism scandal within the ill and dead HM Forces that went to the Gulf to fight for their country, I will naturally have to ask for an internal review.

Yours sincerely,

Julian Pope

CIO-FOI-IR (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

Dear Mr Pope,


Your email of 19 April 2019 has been forwarded to this team for a
response.  The Code of Practice associated with the Freedom of Information
legislation advises that all complaints should be subject to internal
investigation by the public authority responsible for producing the
response.  We shall therefore conduct an internal review of the response
provided on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (reference above).


The Department's target for completing internal reviews is 20 working days
and we therefore aim to complete the review and respond to you 18
September 2019. While we are working hard to achieve this, in the
interests of providing you with a more realistic indication of when you
should expect a response, we should advise that the majority are currently
taking between 20 and 40 working days to complete. 


The internal review that will involve a full, independent reconsideration
of the handling of the request as well as the final decision.


Yours sincerely,


MOD Information Rights Compliance Team