Gulf Veterans’ Medical Assessment Programme (GVMAP)

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Dear Ministry of Defence,

Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

With regards to the long running Gulf Veterans’ Medical Assessment Programme (GVMAP)

Please furnish the following information.

1. Please name all stations this assessment programme is reporting back to with their clinical findings.

2. What measures have been taken to remedy the complaints stated by many veterans that their medical records regarding service on OP Granby have been deleted /gone missing from their medical service records, in particular with regards to the cocktail of experimental inoculations that they were ordered to take at the time ?

3. Please confirm if there are any policy's in existence (apart from the GVMAP programme) that are designed to monitor the long term health issues of 1st Gulf veterans for the rest of their life's, if so, why has this been deemed to be necessary ?

Yours faithfully,

Alvin Pritchard.

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I had to wait nearly two years for my MAPS report it arrived with blank pages covering things over in parts. I can only assume that it is my report as the DOB is wrong. On my return from MAPS my Doctor called me in to tell me "nothing is wrong" I felt like an MOD guinea pig who never gave informed consent. I've recently been diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning (lead uranium antimony etc etc) and other complications. I have recently paid for a copy of my NHS file and found that on the day of seeing my Doctor following MAPS I have 5 years missing from my file. I requested my MAPS report from the MOD I was sent to 3 different departments in the end I had to complain to the ICO.

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Researchers find evidence of DNA damage in Veterans with Gulf War illness ~ U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.