Grimsby Magistrates' court, the District Judge and a Police Constable - criminal allegations

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Dimitri Partridge (Account suspended)

Dear Ministry of Justice,

Re: URN: 16AY0283715

A hearing (30 September 2015) at Grimsby Magistrates' court attended by the Defendant who was a victim of police negligence/corruption and had been charged on fabricated evidence pleaded not guilty to the charges and stated to the court that he suspected the arresting officer had incited one of the witnesses to make a false statement, and what he claimed to have witnessed, he had not. The court directed that the defendant was prohibited from cross-examining the witnesses in person and arrangement made for a solicitor to do so at a further hearing set for of 15 December 2015.

The witnesses' written statements were handed to the defendant minutes before the first hearing (too late to be read) but when read afterwards it could be confirmed beyond all doubt that the witnesses had lied regarding their claim. The complaint made to the police about the arresting officer who had been suspected of inciting perjury, and an account stating that the two members of the public had both made untrue witness statements, was sent to the court before the following hearing on 11 Dec 2015.

The Defendant did not attend the 15 December hearing after discovering which judge would be trying the case. It was expressed without reservation by writing to the court a number of days before the trial that the Defendant did not consider the Judge, 'a fit and proper person to hear the case'. The assertion was founded on hard evidence relating to a previous (and recent) matter where the judge had unequivocally accepted a statement knowing it to be false, which enabled the claimant, North East Lincolnshire Council to succeed in defrauding the Defendant. The Council had therefore committed perjury to defraud the defendant, and the judge assisted by turning a blind eye.

Q. I trust Grimsby Magistrates' court will hold records of which officers (if any) serving with Humberside Police were in attendance at the hearing of 15 December 2015 and would like that information disclosing.

Yours faithfully,

Dimitri Partridge

NE RSU FOI & DPA, Ministry of Justice

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Dimitri Partridge (Account suspended)


Thank you for acknowledging receipt of my request. I look forward to your response in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Dimitri Partridge

NE RSU FOI & DPA, Ministry of Justice

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