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Dear Sirs

In the press this weekend it was announced that SEPA had been leaving 400 PC's on overnight, wasting around 90,000 kwh per year, the equivalent of 280 hours of flying a jet plane. In order to combat this they have now introduced a Power Management software product. As you are a Public Sector body in Scotland I would like to know;

How many PC's do you have in your organization?
Do you use a Power Management software product (not the operating system: this is inefficient)?
Contact details for the person responsible for Green issues / carbon reduction commitments?

Many thanks,

David Blades


Dear Mr Blades,

Thank you for your request for information relating to power management at Aberdeen College.

I can advise that:

- The College has approximately 2,000 PCs.
- The College utilises standard Windows features to run a batch file which shuts down all PCs overnight. In addition, PCs are also configured to shut off the monitor after 10 minutes of no activity and to activate the PC's sleep mode after 30 minutes of no activity.
- Ms Morag Cole is the College's Environment and Sustainability Assistant and can be contacted on [email address] or 01224 612149.

I trust that this answers your query, however if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Pauline May

Planning Manager
Aberdeen College

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