Dear House of Lords,

Can you please tell me, how many members of the House Of Lords owe Parliament money for food and drink greater than three months.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

Kevin Wells

House Of Lords Information Office, House of Lords

Thank you for your email.

The House of Lords Information Office receives large numbers of e-mails and we aim to reply within 10 working days. If you need the information sooner please telephone the House of Lords Information Office on 020 7219 3107.

The following information may answer many of your enquiries.

House of Lords
If you have access to the Internet you may find the answers to most of your queries on the House of Lords pages of the Parliament website: <>

Judicial work
For queries about Judicial Work, please visit the Judicial Work section of the Parliament website (

Contact the Supreme Court for further information:
The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
Parliament Square
London SW1P 3BD
Tel: 020 7960 1991/1992
Fax: 020 7960 1901

Appointments to the House of Lords
For queries about appointments to the House of Lords, contact the House of Lords Appointments Commission, which is a separate independent body and NOT part of the House of Lords:
The House of Lords Appointments Commission
35 Great Smith Street
Tel: 020 7276 2005 (020 7276 2315 for an Information Pack)<>

Thank you.

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Kevin Wells left an annotation ()

Blog post referring to this request

FOI LORDS, House of Lords

Dear Mr Wells

I am writing in response to your request for information received by the House of Lords administration on 17 March.

I can confirm that the administration holds information relevant to your request. Ten Members of the House have owed money for food and drink for longer than three months. You may to note that the amounts owed range from 25p to £176.

Yours sincerely

Alex Daybank
Information Compliance Manager
House of Lords
[email address]

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m sykes left an annotation ()

As debtors shouldn't they be pursuued through the Small Claims Court?


Thank you for your reply.

It was more than helpful.
Yours sincerely,

Kevin Wells

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