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Richard Taylor made this Freedom of Information request to Cambridge City Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was successful.

Could you please release details of any charges which Cambridge City Council levies on those grazing animals on Cambridge's commons and local nature reserves, including information on any charges for the council's "Pinder" service, and use of storerooms.

If those grazing animals have to follow any terms and conditions or specific byelaws could you please also release a copy of these.

I would like to suggest this information be available on the City Council's website.

Many thanks,


Richard Taylor


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Background information relating to this request can be seen on my website:

Alistair Wilson, Cambridge City Council

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Dear Richard
Attached is a file, which details the fees and associated terms and conditions relating to grazing.

There are no charges for using the Pinder Service. This is included in the fees for grazing.

We do not have any storerooms for graziers.

The fees are agreed by Community Services Scrutiny Committee and these will be approved for 2009 on the 15th January. Appendix B on this link

The information is to be included on the website, as part of our transfer to the Customer Access Centre

Best wishes

Alistair Wilson
Green Space Manager
Cambridge City Council
Direct Dial 01223 457546

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