Grants made in London N1 2011-2012

The request was partially successful.

Dear Big Lottery Fund,

I should be grateful for a list of grants made by BIG and it's associated bodies to applicants in the London N1 postal area in FY 2011-2012 presented electronically as open data.

Given the special status afforded to the lottery and its distributers in law there is substantial public interest in transparency in your grant making. In particular I have been heavily involved in community work in London N1 over the years and it would be especially interesting to see where lottery money has been spent so that parties on the ground can assess the impact it might have made and work out where to apply for more if needed. Also the publication of BIGs grants would help other philanthropists and grant makers target their support more efficiently.

I am not sure how you hold your data but i expect it held in electronic form and so the marginal cost of publishing should be low. If it is possible within cost limits i should also be interested in historic data for the above area for the last three FYs.

Again, as i don't know how you store your data i am not sure what you can easily yield up, but i should be interested in the name of the grantee body, its address, the broad purpose of the grant and the amount granted.

If you can only respond to this request in part please feel free to do so rather than rejecting the whole request outright. Also I should be grateful to receive the information in electronic form (as open data as above).

If i can help you fulfil your obligations under law by clarifying this request then please don't hesitate to contact me through this FOI service.

Yours faithfully,

william perrin

Big Lottery Fund - Freedom of Information,

Dear Mr Perrin

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. We are required to respond to your request within 20 working days. You can therefore expect to receive a response by 22 July 2013, though we will endeavour to respond before then.

Your reference number is FOI004-0114.

Yours sincerely

Lyndsay Scott
Corporate Officer (Information Governance)
Big Lottery Fund
Tel: 0191 376 1644

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Felton, Melissa,

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Dear Mr. Perrin


Thanks for your recent request regarding grant applicants in the N1 area
and the data we hold about grantees. I would appreciate the chance to
discuss your request with you further, so that we can better understand
and respond to your requirements. Is there a convenient time for us to
have a telephone conversation?

Best wishes




Melissa Felton
Head of Corporate Management (Customer Services)

Strategy, Performance and Learning Directorate
Big Lottery Fund, Birmingham Centre
Direct Line: 0121 345 7770
[mobile number]

Email: [1][email address]



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Big Lottery Fund - Freedom of Information,

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Dear Mr Perrin

Please find attached our response to your information request.

Your reference number is FOI004-0114

Yours sincerely

Lyndsay Scott
Corporate Officer (Information Governance)
Big Lottery Fund
Tel: 0191 376 1644

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