Government funding till April 2008

The request was refused by Network Rail Limited.

Dear Sir or Madam,

How much government money (ie. raised via taxation) was used to support, fund,or subsidise National rail or related services in the financial period ending earlier this year? How much money was reinvested by the service providors themselves?

( I note that the MP for Merton, Stephen Hammond,recently asked a question about the current year's funding.)

Yours faithfully,
David Armer

Dear Sir or Madam,
Have I asked a difficult question or is the information just dificult to assemble? Another view would be: How much income have the Compnaies received from HMG, investors and other sources and how much have they spent and invested? I like trains and want to see them flourish but are they cost effective?
A reply to my original question would be of great interest to me.
Thank you
Yours sincerely,
David Armer

Sent a follow up to Network Rail Limited again.

Sent request to Network Rail Limited again, using a new contact address.

Francis Irving left an annotation ()

Since FOI law does not apply to Network Rail, this request is not valid. I'm going to add some kind of withdrawn/invalid state to the site to cope with it, meanwhile it stays in "requires admin attention".

Dear Sir or Madam,

As my earlier request is not covered by FOI and might be hard to answer may I ask the following?
Where can I discover the total spend, in a financial year, of an individual Rail company?

Yours sincerely,

David Armer

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Francis Irving left an annotation ()

David - you can't send messages to Network Rail any more using WhatDoTheyKnow, as we have disabled the address.

I need to make some code changes to make this clearer, sorry!

You need to contact them directly by other means.

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