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Richard Greenhill

Dear Government Legal Department

Please provide a copy of the latest edition of Statutory Instrument Drafting Guidance produced by the Government Legal Service or Government Legal Department.

It may help you to know that a March 2015 version of the guidance was disclosed by you on 20 August 2015 as “RM 82 15 Annex C Final.pdf”. I note that there is a subsequent reference to “GLS SI Drafting Guidance (December 2015)” in the 5th edition of “Statutory Instrument Practice” (The National Archives, November 2017, paragraph 3.12.1 page 79). More recently, “GLS Statutory Instrument Drafting Guidance (2018)” is cited by the Office of the Legislative Counsel of the Welsh Government in the Annex to “Writing Laws for Wales: A guide to legislative drafting” (page 96), where it is said to be located at the (non-public) URL of And reference is made today to “the GLS Statutory Instrument Drafting Guidance (August 2018)” in a report of the House of Commons Select Committee on Statutory Instruments (First Report of Session of Session 2019–21, Appendix 1: memorandum of 5 November 2019 from the Department for International Trade, paragraph 3 HC 73–i page 5).

Please provide the current version in PDF format, either as a publicly accessible link to the file on your website or as an attachment to your response.

Yours faithfully

Richard Greenhill

FOI, Government Legal Department

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Dear Richard,
Please find attached response to your FOI request below.

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Richard Greenhill

Dear GLD FOI Team

Thank you for today’s helpful response (FOI/28/20) to my request.

Kind regards

Richard Greenhill