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James Snowdome made this Freedom of Information request to Meteorological Office

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The request was partially successful.

James Snowdome

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to know, under the Freedom of Information Act, how much money was spent on the Global Warming Facts and Myths section of your website.

Could you also please let me know how much research the Met Office did into the Cosmic Ray myth before declaring it a myth. Furthermore I would like to know what measure of solar activity the Met Office is using with respect to their "bunking" of this myth? Is it Total Solar Irradience or Sun Spot number or some other measurement?

You also state in the Myths section that the CO2 increase is measurable and its effect is well quantified. Can you please direct me to the papers which calculate the quantity of effect an increase of CO2 has on temperature (I have never seen a paper that actually shows me the "well quantified" effect, only a broad range of effects taken from computer modelling which, as we all know, is open to abuse by the pre-conceived ideas of the modellers)?

In your Fact 1 pdf you state that temperatures have risen by 0.7 degrees over the last 100 years. Can you please let me know a) how much the background rise has been, on average, since the end of the last ice age and b) which model of the last 100 years you have used. Has this model been peer reviewed and ALL data, methods, and computer code been open to external reviewers on request?

With respect to your Fact 2 you state that it has warmed by 0.1 degree in the past decade. Now that we have accurate satellite measurements I assume that this number has come from these rather than a model which, again, can reflect the pre-conceived ideas of the modellers. Can you please confirm that this measurement comes from the accurate satellite measurements and, if not, why not?

In Fact 3 you state that CO2 and temperature are linked. Can you please let me know how much a rise in temperature lags behind CO2 increase?

In Fact 5 you state that global temperature will rise by 2-3 degrees this century according to one of the IPCC's mid-range models. Regardless of the fact that the IPCC is a heavily politicised organisation with reports written by a core of "scientists" who refuse to disclose methods and data and are well known for their bias towards proving that mankind is the sole factor behind climate change; can you please tell me which model output we are currently tracking according to satellite temperature measurements.

In Fact 6 you state that climate models predict the main features of future climate. Can you please let me know if the data entering these models is available to ALL external reviewers, along with the code and methodology. If not then please let me know why note? Can you also please let me know how well the temperature increase in the atmosphere, as predicted by these models, compares to that observed by satellite measurements?

I thank you for your time.

Kind regards

Yours faithfully,

James Snowdome

Rich Aldcroft, Meteorological Office

Dear James

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Met Office is world renowned for its expertise and in order to best
deal with your correspondence it has been forwarded to a colleague within
our specialist Freedom Of Information team.

At the Met office we are committed to providing you with the information
you requested quickly and accurately, although this will be subject to the
complexity and nature of your enquiry.

If you have any further questions or need additional information please
contact the Customer Centre on 0870 9000 100 where one of our advisors
will be happy to help you. The number is open 24 hours a day, seven days
a week.

Kind regards,


Weather Desk Advisor

Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 3PB, United Kingdom.

Tel: 0870 900 0100 Fax: 0870 900 5050 Email: [1][Met Office request email]

Met Office climate change predictions can now be viewed on Google Earth

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Archer, Marion, Meteorological Office

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Mr Snowdome

I attach response to your recent request for information.

Regards <<925 Snowdome re Myths PW.pdf>>

Marion Archer

Met Office climate change predictions can now be viewed on Google Earth


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