Girls under 14 sectioned

Public Health England did not have the information requested.

Dear Public Health England,

1. How many female Birmingham residents, aged between 12 or 13 years have been detained under the mental health act since 1 January 2013 to date?

2. Of those children relevant to question 1, please provide the following information:

A. How many had never been the subject of a care order or interim care order?
B. Did the parent or guardian consent to the detention?
C. How long did the detention last?
D. Was a diagnosis made of mental illness/ mental disorder?
E. how long was the child assessed before being diagnosed?
F. How many children were inpatients within Birmingham?
G. How many were living with their natural/birth mother immediately prior to detention?
H. What diagnosis was made?
I. What drugs were the children given?

4. Are children who are detained under the mental health act provided an independent advocate?

5. What procedures are in place to ensure children are not wrongfully detained?

Yours faithfully,


FOI, Public Health England

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