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The request was refused by Liverpool City Council.

Dear Liverpool City Council,

To: Liverpool city region
Criminal Justice Jane Kennedy
Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram
Mayor of Liverpool

{1} Could Metro mayor Steve Rotheram and the Mayor of Liverpool both try to answer these questions?

The names North point Global, Chinatown, Pall Mall, Baltic house are all linked to Samuel Beilin, Peter McInnes, Lee James Spence, these names and companies are very well known to both Mayors.

{2} The question now is in the BBC Panorama program, at the end it says the Mayor of Liverpool has reported Mr Peter McInnes to the NCA, however, why are the Mayor’s office and the Liverpool city region hiring” Bond Media " as its PR company who has very close ties to both Peter McInnes and Samuel Beilin and is the PR company for them?

Bond media also is the PR company for the following.

{a} Acentus real estate, selling the site known in Vauxhall road as the "Metalworks” the persons behind this are the very same persons who ran Chinatown into the ground, NPG Ltd.

{b} Mr A Garcia, Lee James Spence and Acentus are run by NPG Ltd, Simon Clarke, Alex Doonan who are working with” Allan Freeman, the son of Tony Freeman( See BBC Panorama) 27th June 2018.

{3} BLOK ARCHITECTURE LIMITED Antonio Garcia is now behind the new metalworks Vauxhall Road, Garcia according to him is friends, with Joe Anderson could the Mayor for the record please reply to this question?.

company linked to Acentus real estate which is selling the Metalworks apartments
in Leeds St Liverpool.

Mr Lee Spence is a part of this as is Simon Clarke, Allan Freeman and others who may be getting investigated?

{4} The Mayor of Liverpool and the Liverpool echo were all told of this last year, however, no follow up has been investigated why?

Bond media is also the PR company for- Prime site developments and Kerry Tomlinson who is also in trouble, yet once more the Mayor was told of this as were the echo.

Other companies Bond media works for are the Daily Mirror, the Liverpool Echo, Lourdes Investments, St Cyprians Student Hall, S. Vance & Co, Liverpool FC.

{5} Could the mayor of Liverpool please try to recall his or the Liverpool city council’s dealing in St Cyprians Halls Ltd with Gary Howard of Fox Street Village, and Kerry Tomlinson of prime site developments.
{6} Could the mayor of Liverpool try to explain his own daughters part in working with both Gary Howard's company “Fox Street Village as a PR consultant for Danial Hughes PR company who also has worked for the Mayor of Liverpool

{7} Could both Mayors please try to explain if Bond Media is linked to several companies who are being investigated maybe by the SFD and or the NCA, then why is Bond Media working both sides of the fence?

{8} Bond Media is close to Peter McInnes and at the same time claims to be close to the Liverpool city region, how can this be?

{9} Will Metro mayor Steve Rotheram, please investigate this as it's like the city of Liverpool is being run by outsiders and not the Liverpool city council

Yours faithfully,

Mr Wilson& Investors

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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