Dear Churchill College, Cambridge,

Pleas provide me the the following admission statistics for G100 Mathematics gap year applicants under freedom of information act for the last 4 years admission cycles 2016,2017,2018 and 2019.

1. Number of gap year applicants
2 Number of gap year applicants invited for interview
3. Number of gap year applicants had offers
4. Number of gap year applicants had pool offers
5. Number of gap year applicants had offers without Physics at A/L

6.Please provide these details with there achieved A/L results with the details of each subjects ,Interview scores and their step scores

Yours faithfully,

Anna Lee

Churchill Information, Churchill College, Cambridge

Dear Anna,


Please find below the response from Churchill College, Cambridge to your
Freedom of Information request, received 22nd January 2020.


Due to the very small numbers involved, the usual age of applicants
involved, and the fact that the offer or otherwise of a place at Cambridge
is likely to represent an emotionally-charged decision, we do not believe
we can provide the information you requested at that level of detail
without unreasonably exposing the individuals involved to identification
(Freedom of Information Act Section 40 (2) exemption). We have therefore
provided summaries of the data in lieu which we believe to be sufficiently
anonymised to meet our responsibilities, while answering your request to
the fullest extent otherwise possible. Additionally, it should be noted
that while we are withholding details of A-level and STEP results, we only
receive these for candidates who have received offers, and so do not hold
that data for those candidates rejected after interview.


There were no gap year applicants to G100 Mathematics in the 2016
admissions cycle.


Over the 2017-2019 cycles, there were 7 gap year applicants to G100
Mathematics. Each of these candidates was interviewed. Of these
applicants, 4 received offers, including at least one student without
Physics at A-level. Across the successful candidates, the average score at
interview was 8.4, and across the unsuccessful candidates it was 6.25.
Interviews are scored out of 10.


We do not believe there is any useful summary of A-Level or STEP scores
that we might provide for this small group of applicants without
contravening the aforementioned exemption.


If you are not satisfied with the way in which this request has been
handled, please address your complaint to the Bursar, Churchill College.
If the College is unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction,
you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner


Yours sincerely,


Chris Knowles

Acting College Data Protection Lead

Churchill College



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