Dear Ministry of Defence,
This is a Freedom of Information request for information regarding the planning of medical care for military personnel in the long-term. I would like to know the following:
1. Are any medical staff or teams being trained in the functional/integrative/lifestyle medicine approaches (or similar) or planned within the MOD medical system? If not, has this been explored and why was this not been chosen as a long-term strategy for the improvement of military personnel health?

2. In the last five years there has been unprecedented leaps forward in the study of the gut and it's pivotal role in our health. Is there a team that has been following this area of study? Are they or will they be implementing any changes to the MOD healthcare to improve the microbiota of military personnel?

3. Pharmaceuticals will not be investing heavily into the study of functional medicine (or similar) as they will not get the financial returns compared to producing new drugs, so are the MOD or its contractors/partners currently conducting or planning studies into functional medicine or similar, to address the underlying causes of chronic pain, illness and disease?

4. Helping military personnel improve their diet and lifestyle would improve the fitness standards across the military, reduce lost working days and potentially reduce medical discharges and therefore the cost of recruiting and training new personnel. Coaching has been proven to be highly beneficial in improving results so has this been explored as an option to support military personnel to improve their lifestyle, to the benefit of the military? If not, is this an area that is currently being looked at and when will it be started? Is there a cost analysis

Yours faithfully,
Mel Janes

SG SecFin-Sec Gp Mailbox (MULTIUSER),

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Dear Mel,
In response to your enquiry below please see the attached.


Headquarters of the Surgeon General

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