Further trends in Activity 9

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Over the last few years, you have very kindly provided me with information regarding PIP claimants as at 30th April who have "psychiatric disorders" as their main disabling condition and their scores in the ninth daily living activity 9“Engaging with other people face to face” (e.g. Ref: FOI2019/27062, FOI2020/23763 and FOI2022/01303).

In order to continue to examine trends in this descriptor, I would be grateful if you could repeat the exercise in respect of PIP claimants as of 30th April 2022. To provide a comparison I would be grateful if, on this occasion, you could also add a breakdown of point scoring Activity 9 descriptors where "psychiatric disorder" was not the main disabling condition.

Consequently, I request:

Details of the numbers of clients on the Personal Independence Payment caseload on 30th April 2022:

i) with recognised "psychiatric disorders" who were awarded descriptors 9b, 9c or 9d as of plus the numbers who were not awarded a descriptor under activity area 9
(i.e. awarded 9a). Please break this down by the numbers satisfying the individual
descriptors (i.e. 9b, 9c and 9d separately)

Please also breakdown the information by the standard second-tier reporting criteria

i.e. Personality disorder, Specific learning disorder, Stress reactions, Anxiety disorders,
Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Mixed anxiety and depressive disorders, Somatoform
and dissociative disorders, Mood disorders, Psychotic disorders, Cognitive disorders,
Eating disorders, Substance (mis) use disorders, Factitious disorder, global Learning
disability, Autistic spectrum disorders, Hyperkinetic disorder, Conduct disorder (including
oppositional defiant disorder), Enuresis, Faecal soiling (encopresis), Other psychiatric
disorders of childhood)”

ii) numbers where the main disabling condition was not one of the above conditions but who nonetheless satisfied one of the point scoring criteria under Activity 9 (i.e. 9b, 9c or 9d) broken down into "neurological decisions" and all other non-psychiatric disorders (NB "all other non-psychiatric disorders" do not need to be subdivided). Please also break the 2 groups down by descriptor (9b, 9c and 9d). Non point scoring descriptors are not required for these extra groups.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Robinson

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