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Dear Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs,

What budgets have been paid to Futerra Sustainability Communications each financial year since 2004/5?

What papers account for spending on RE:Fashion awards in the early part of 2008/9, which was sponsored via Futerra?

John Robertson

notes: is the refashion awards web site, stating that it was sponsored by Futerra.

The public interest, in releasing this information, I think, is that the awards appear designed to discourage UK manufacturing. They promote a trade association which is not open to UK manufacturers, and present a certain view of history on their "The Issues" page which claims that mass clothing imports democratised fashion after a period when people in the UK made their own clothes. The awards' technique of enlisting a group of pundits and partner agencies follows the pattern of other pieces of Futerra work that I think also undermine UK manfacturing.

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John Robertson left an annotation () - Might interest people who are interested in this request

T and T, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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Dear Mr Robertson

Please find attached letter regarding your Freedom of Information request

<<RFI 5740.pdf>>



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Dear T and T,

What amounts of money were paid
-by Defra
-to Futerra Sustainability Commmunications
-each financial year since 2004/5?

Futerra is a regular contractor to Defra and other government departments.

I understand that one of these payments included money towards something called the RE:Fashion awards, which promoted environmental sustainability in fashion. If so, please provide any specific documents that show money spent on those awards and the purpose of spending.

John Robertson

T and T, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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Dear Mr Robertson

Please find attached acknowledgement letter for your recent Freedom of Information request.

Kind regards.

Defra Finance
Transactions and Technical Team

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T and T, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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Dear Mr Robertson

Please find attached response to your recent Freedom of Information Request.

Kind regards.

Alison Darley
Defra Finance T&T Team

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John Robertson left an annotation ()

The total amounts paid by DEFRA to Futerra Sustainability Communications by year are shown in the table below [for a request starting 2004-5]

04/05 £165,406
05/06 £171,396
07/08 £ 44,865
08/09 £ 3,049
09/10 £ 19,270
10/11 £ 0
11/12 £ 0
12/13 £ 0 (checked till July)

Based ion the information in ouf financial systems, we cannot find any transaction that indicate Defra made a payment to Duterra in respect of the RE:Fashion awards. It is possible that there was such a payment. However, if there was, it was not readily identifiable without reference to individual invoices.

John Robertson left an annotation ()

Futerra had a very good year for government business in 2005 earning £165,000 from Defra alone. Defra had a joint project with the Departmant for International Development (Dfid) for joint working on clothing. lists some of the background to groups of people getting together in offices meant for knowledge transfer partnerships between a footwear / fashion technical college and business to reduce unemployment. Instead they concentrated on promoting clothes imports from badly-run countries such as Bangladesh. Rana Plaza comes to mind.

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