Funding applications, second request

P Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Middle Level Commissioners

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Middle Level Commissioners,

Please treat this request for information as a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Further to your response to my earlier request,

1. Regarding the work to Salters Lode lock gates that you informed me of in your response of 25th May 2018, please would you provide the following information:

-a copy of the correspondence between the Middle Level Commissioners and the Environment Agency regarding the funding bid for these works;
-the total cost of the works carried out by the Middle Level Commissioners.

2. Regarding the recent dredging of Well Creek between Salters Lode and Nordelph, please would you provide the following information:

-what year was the dredging carried out;
-who carried out the dredging;
-did the Middle Level Commissioners seek funds from any other organisations for the dredging works;
-if so, a copy of each of the funding applications and any preliminary correspondence submitted to these organisations and correspondence received from these organisations;
-the total amount of funds received from each organisation for the dredging works;
-the total cost of the dredging works.

Thank you. I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

P Smith

Dear Middle Level Commissioners,

I would be grateful if you would respond to my Freedom of Information request above. By law you should have responded by 4th July 2018. It is now 13th July.

Please see the link below for the original request.

Thank you. I look forward to your prompt reply.

Yours faithfully,

P Smith

Katie Hunt, Middle Level Commissioners

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Dear Ms Smith

I am writing to you in response to your Freedom of Information request made on 20th June 2018.

1. We have no correspondence with the Environment Agency about grant funding for works carried out to Salters Lode lock gates. We were advised in discussion with the Environment Agency that the works would not qualify for state aid.

The only written references to the works are contained in the minutes of the Middle Level Board Meetings on 7th November 2013, 24th April 2014 and 30th April 2015 and these are attached for your information.

Costs of Salters Lode Lock Gate Replacement

2014 - 2015 £97,880.64
2015 - 2016 £14,206.83

2. Well Creek Dredging Works

I have set out below the years that the dredging works were carried out and the costs of the works.

2014 - 2015 £ 2,704.34 Main Contractor - Fen Group
2015 - 2016 £32,614.34 Main Contractor - Davies Contracting
2016 - 2017 £75,628.92 Main Contractor - B J Plant Hire Limited
2017 - 2018 £54,888.16 Main Contractor - B J Plant Hire Limited

2018 - 2019 £56,000 .00 Budget Allowance

No grant applications were made for the dredging works.

I apologise for the slight delay in getting this information to you which was due to the Chief Executive and myself being out of the office at the Opposed Bills Committee.

Yours sincerely

Lorna McShane

Solicitor and Assistant Clerk

Middle Level Commissioners
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