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Dear Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency,
My name is Bogdan and I have arrive in UK on 9 March 2018 . I need a full UK driver license to star working in London as a taxi driver . Would that be possible if I sent my romanian driver license before the 185 days ???

Yours faithfully,
Bogdan C. G.

DVLA Contact Centre, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

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Dear Bogdan C.G.,

Thank you for your enquiry received on 16/5/2018.
Your case reference number is 00612034.

I appreciate your concern regarding this matter.

I can confirm that as long as you're intending on remaining in the UK for
at least 185 days, you can apply for a licence now.

I have provided advice and instructions below:

Car and Motorcycle Licence Holders
If you passed your driving test in the EU / EEA you can drive cars and
motorcycles on a valid licence until the age of 70 or for 3 years
(whichever is the longer period).  

Please note: If you passed your driving test in any country outside of the
EU / EEA you may only be able to drive on a valid driving licence for up
to 12 months. See the advice [1]here for further information.
Lorry and Bus Licence Holders

• You can drive on a valid licence until the age of 45 or for 5 years
from becoming resident (whichever is the longer period).  

• If you’re over 45 but under 65 you can drive on a valid licence until
your 66^th birthday or for 5 years from becoming resident (whichever
is the shorter period). 

• If you are aged 65 or over you can drive for 1 year from becoming

Lorry and Bus licence holders must register with us. To register you’ll
need to complete a D9 application form. These can be ordered [2]here or
printed [3]here.  

Please note: If you passed your driving test in any country outside of the
EU / EEA you may only be able to drive on a valid driving licence for up
to 12 months. See the advice [4]here for further information.
Want to exchange your driving licence?
Although you don’t need to, if you would like to exchange your driving
licence you’ll need to complete an application form.  

Use a D1 form for cars or motorbikes, or D2 for lorries and buses. These
can be ordered [5]here.  Alternatively, you can get one from
selected [6]Post Offices® that offer driving licence transactions.

Please note: If you are aged 45 or over and drive lorries and buses you
will also need to include a [7]D4 medical report.  


• To include the relevant ID

• To include your current driving licence (if you have lost it, please
mention this on the form)

• To include 1 Passport standard photograph

• The fee is £43.00

• Your driving licence will not be returned to you.  We must send it to
the issuing authority as part of our exchange agreement.

What ID do I need to send?
You will need to send proof of your identity with the application. To
check what ID you can send and how this will be returned, please see the
full list of acceptable documents [8]here.

Where should I send the application?
SA99 1BT

How long will it take?
Please allow up to 3 weeks for your updated licence to be sent to you. 

I hope you find this reply helpful. 

Do not reply to this email. If you wish to contact us again about this
response then please use our [9]reply form link or copy and paste the
following URL in to your browser:


Best Regards
L Harris

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