Fraudulent court

Stuart Hopkins made this Freedom of Information request to Ministry of Justice

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The request was successful.

Dear Ministry of Justice,

It has come to my attention that the Traffic Enforcement Center (Northampton County Court) is posing a legal court.

Please supply me with the legality in which a Council can collude with a Traffic Enforcement Center (Northampton County Court Bulk Center, and attempt to pass it self off a Bona fide court.

I was under the understanding that a court is supposed to be impartial and allow the defendant to submit a plea, and or prove his or her innocence.

Having received an order for recovery from this bulk center. They refuse to allow a Defendant to make a statement in his defense. The paperwork only allows for 4 options to choose from.

This is clearly both a conflict of interest, a corrupt court and legally void.

Please explain to me how this is legal.

Yours faithfully,

Stuart Hopkins

Becky Bbear left an annotation ()

Mr H - Traffic Enforcement Centres are not Courts, because they operate only where a Local Authority has 'de-criminalised' parking and related offences within its area.

Administratively, Recovery Orders are issued after the individual concerned has declined or failed to make any submission to the Parking/Traffic Adjudicator - following the appeal process described on the original Ticket/Notice, or where such an appeal has been unsuccessful.

This link will take you to the FAQ's covering TEC's on the Ministry of Justice website:

Realistically, you can expect much the same response to your request from MOJ, although they may simply refuse it on the grounds that the information is already publically available on their website.


Stuart Hopkins left an annotation ()

@Becky thanks,

How ever I have studied the Practice Direction 75 Traffic Enforcement Civil Procedure Rules, and spoken with someone on the phone in relation to this, they do in fact call themselves a court. Seems like they are there to give permission for councils to instruct bailiffs, via a charging order. Exactly the same as the Council Tax fraud. Bulk processing with a view to profiteering and fraud, by adding on further charges.

After their fraudulent Charging Order, they can also seek to imprison someone who does not play along with their game.

Becky Bbear left an annotation ()

Mt H - Section 75.2 of the Direction specifically refers to the Centre and its Officers as being 'Offices' of the Court.

It therefore only acts as an 'office' on behalf of the Court and in accordance with section 75.5A of the Direction is subject to the judicial review process and the overall authority of the Court itself. That overall authority includes the issue, of Orders which are signed by the Court, not the Centre (because the Centre itself isn't the actual Court, just a delegate Office).

Does this help clear up any confusion on the point?



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Mr Hopkins,


Please find enclosed a response to your recent information request from
the Ministry Of Justice.


Kind regards


Mr D Stanley

Knowledge and Information Liaison Officer

Northampton Business Centre



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Alex left an annotation ()

How on earth does this response answer the question posed?

"Please supply me with the legality in which a Council can collude
with a Traffic Enforcement Center (Northampton County Court Bulk
Center, and attempt to pass it self off a Bona fide court."

Under what jurisdiction is Northampton County Court Bulk Center acting under?

Are they acting under any official regulation when they deny a defendant the right to make ANY representations?

if yes, state the specific law! if not just say so.