Julie Shrive (Account suspended) made this Freedom of Information request to Information Commissioner's Office

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Information Commissioner's Office should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Julie Shrive (Account suspended)

Dear Sir or Madam,
How many cases do you actually resolve . Are they published? Or do you only deal with process not fraud??!!

This links to over 80+ Requests on whatdotheyknow .com FOI site and I am being passed from automatic data and compliance unit to compliance unit . What is going on ? How can you deal with problem with severe problems in organizational structure when you have the same? What is going on? Downright illegal and undemocratic ??

To: Legal Complaints Service
Subject: Freedom of Information request - CIVIL LIBERTIES/HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE - FAIR HEARING ???!!
Dear Sir or Madam,

Is it procedure that you deal with someone not happy about the way
you neglect serious issues FRAUD via your process, procedure and
maladministration, that you wind them up so much [ over 30 calls
into oblivion, as the Manager not there [ nor Deputy?] then
downright rude[ never contacting] or was it one of many Clerks
pretending . Then you have audacity to turn tables call the person
seeking assistance abusive so you don't have to address serious
issues which you are complying with, and directed not to [ process
only] . Surely criminal behaviour?

You then pass it on to a Head of Quality Aman Virk who has not the
decency and professionalism to speak to me, just write a nasty
fascist letter taking sides, to leave me completely in limbo .

This is serious civil liberties /human rights abuse caused by all
agencies set up like call centres by sole corporate directors .Why
are we paying for this ??!!

You can bet your life if raised this issue with you you would call
me racist next to save your backs and setting me up with a LCO the
procedure of which you have given out in information doesn't exist
. Lovely. This is a serious abuse of power.

Yours faithfully,

Julie Shrive

Yours faithfully,

Julie Shrive

Ben Jones left an annotation ()

Again it appears that it needs to be poinyted out to you that this is a site for Freedom of Information requests. The ICO will only deal with - and not that fast either - complaints relating to genuine requests made under the act, a small percentage of yur cases would come under that.

If yu really want to help your self and the ICO yu should clearly state the following

1. the question yu asked
2. the public authority
3. the date of your request / the response
4. why you think that they are unfairly withholding information.

Getting wound up by an automated acknowlegment is initsself not a basis for a complaint,

Julie Shrive (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Who is he? This person is obviously dyslexic can't spell not constructive but seems to think he knows best . He can't recognise a question when he sees one ???? Doesn't understand that freedom of information means straightforward and fair and simple questions don't always resolve matters when structure is causing civil liberties abuse. Some people remember when system wasn't corrupt & did examine issues and concerns fairly not allowed people with rigid atttitudes free reign.

Ben Jones left an annotation ()

thanks for making me laugh, having a go at my dyslexia whilst appearing to make an issue of yur dyspraxia as an excuse to submit non sensical questions which to not comply with the terms of the Act.

Julie Shrive (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Where does it mention ACT ?I am used to resolving in 5 min flat before people like you on remits in CALL CENTRES did not apply ethics Or democratic reason . Mindnumbing .You are just showing your ignorance . Pathetic