Fox hunting

Marrk Keir made this Freedom of Information request to Leicestershire Constabulary

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Dear Leicestershire Constabulary,

Are all your wildlife officers aware of illegalities surrounding fox hunting. Even trailing seems likely embroiled with tacit law breaking. Do links to the Belvoir Hunt lead to mistrust in your professionalism?

Yours faithfully,

Marrk Keir

FOI, Leicestershire Constabulary

Dear Mr Keir

I acknowledge receipt of your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
This is receiving our attention and a response will be sent to you in due course.

Please note our Email address for correspondence regarding your request is [Leicestershire Police request email]  quoting the reference number above

Kind Regards

Elaine Smith 8750
Administration Assistant
Information Management
Specialist Support Directorate (SSD)
Leicestershire Police

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FOI, Leicestershire Constabulary

Good Afternoon Mr Keir,
I refer to your request below which is requested under the Freedom of Information legislation.
A yes or no reply will be provided for both parts of your request under the legislation and please note that opinions are not provided under the FOI legislation.
However, If you are in agreement to take the request out of the FOI legislation then Sgt 335 Paul Archer, the Force Leicestershire Police Rural Team & Wildlife Crime Officer is willing to speak with you regarding your request.
Please advise me if this is acceptable to you. If not, then I will respond under the legislation as soon as possible.
Thank you
Kind Regards,

Linda Dempsey
Freedom of Information Officer
Information Management
Specialist Services Directorate
Leicestershire Police
mail to: [Leicestershire Police request email]
Tel: 101. Extn 3308035 Voice Mail 8035

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