Fostered Children Staying Put

Robert Cann made this Freedom of Information request to Bournemouth Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Bournemouth Borough Council,

How many former fostered children aged 18 do you have living with foster carers?
Of those, how many of their foster carers have the same support arrangements (financial and practical) as they did prior to the fostered young person turning 18?

How many former fostered children aged 19 do you have living with foster carers?
Of those, how many of their foster carers have the same support arrangements (financial and practical) as they did prior to the fostered young person turning 18?

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Cann

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Christine Edgeley, Bournemouth Borough Council

Dear Mr Cann


Further to your request for information received on 25 July 2013 please
find below Bournemouth Borough Council’s response.  I apologise that this
response is outside of timescales.


Bournemouth has no 18 year olds and one 19 year old currently in staying
put arrangements. Bournemouth also has one 20 year old one 22 year old in
staying put arrangements.

The financial and practical arrangements are not the same as they were
prior to the young person turning 18 as under 18s are funded through
fostering allowances and fees whereas over 18s are in receipt of monies to
promote their independence and are either at college, university or
working. The level of care provided to an over 18 is different to a
younger child as it is more about supporting  them to make decisions
rather than making decisions for them.


I hope that this deals with your request satisfactorily.


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Yours sincerely


Christine Edgeley


Christine Edgeley
Team Information Manager
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Avril Williams left an annotation ()

I wonder whether the reason that you have asked this question is that, like me, you have recognised the probable consequences of the political proposal that Councils should continue to take responsibility for former Foster Children who don't return to live with their Birth Parents until they are 24 years of age.

I'm also wonder whether you've recognised, from your research into Fostering Allowances, why forner Foster Children on low incomes, - whether earned or from the State, (due to unemployment), - have difficulty managing.