Forms and Guidance Notes Concerning Applications for European Family Permits, Residence Cards, Residence Documents, Permanent Residence

Maia Bailey made this Freedom of Information request to UK Border Agency

UK Border Agency did not have the information requested.

From: Maia Bailey

Dear UK Border Agency,
Please provide copies of all guidance notes and applications forms
for the above documents issued from Sept 1997 through to today. It
would be preferred if electronic copies can be supplied wherever
possible. Please include ALL versions of the documents, and include
dates of the revisions and a summary of key changes in each form.

I have particular interest in the following documents, but stress
ALL should by supplied:

EEC1 form valid December 1997
EEA4 form valid September 2007 (incl Guidance Notes)
Updated Documents introduced October 2007

IM2A form valid July 1998 (issued through British Consulates
abroad)and April 2001

Leaflets INF10 (12/96), INF11 (date unknown), INF12 (8/98): British
Immigration & Visa Requirements: Information for EEA Nationals and
their Family Members and any subsequent guidance leaflets
concerning applications abroad

Guidance Leaflets for European Applications made in-country for the
public, and processing guidance for UKBA staff - with particular
reference to:

Documents advising of protocol for (re-)applications following lost
files and/or when there is clear evidence of a delay or fault by
UKBA, including the resubmission of identity documents already once
held, the fast-tracking of such applications and efforts to be made
by UKBA in absence of a formal request for residency documentation
once made aware of error.

Yours faithfully,

Maia Bailey

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From: Freedom Of Information Team ( IND )
UK Border Agency

Dear Maia Bailey
Thank you for your email below.
Your request is being dealt with and you will receive a response shortly
Freedom of Information Team

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From: European Operational Policy Enquiries

Attachment FOI 20330 bailey v1 1 final 41111.pdf
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Dear Ms Bailey, 

Please find attached the response to your recent Freedom of Information
request relating to application forms and guidance notes

Yours sincerely, 


D Shaw

Policy Officer 

European Operational Policy

North West Region

UK Border Agency

European Operational Policy Enquiries:
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