Forced adoption, care orders and links to suicide

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Dear Angus Council,

1. Please supply me with statistics of how many care orders or interim care orders have been issued over the last 5 years by your LA?

2. Please supply me with statistics of how many forced adoptions there have been within your LA over the last 5 years by your LA?

3. What help, support or any policy does your LA have in place to give parents faced with ICO, CO or forced adoptions?

4. What help, support or any policy does your LA have in place to give parents support to avoid forced adoption.

5. How many care orders or forced adoptions have been linked to the parents committing suicide or attempted suicide within your LA over the last 5 years? Please break down statistics of male / female and methods of suicide used. An attempt or
actual suicide can be any time after the forced adoption / care proceedings.

6. What measures does the LA take to ensure that a child stays with its biological parents and a premature decision of adoption is not made?

7. Please state yes or no to reasons for care proceedings against a parent(s). If so please state how many care proceedings have been issued against a parent(s) in the following:-

a) Making complaints against a social worker, social services or the LA
b) Attempting suicide
c) Having an accident
d) Reporting suspected abuse
e) Taking a child to the GP
f) Reporting social services to police for intimidation
g) Reporting social worker to GSCC (now changed its name) for misconduct
h) Asking records to be accurate
i) Reporting social services or a social worker to ICO for
inaccurate record keeping
j) Taking social services to court
k) Killing a child or making threats to kill a child
l) Getting drunk resulting in hurting a child
m) Crying
n) Reporting a known or suspect paedophile
o) A parent having a sibling that was previously seriously ill (such as cancer)
p) Psychosis
q) Running away with a child
r) Self-Harming
s) Hitting a child (with hands or weapon)
t) Hitting a child to stop them making disclosures (such disclosure as abuse from another family member)
u) A parent catching out Social Services lying or misleading the parent.
v) A parent(s) reporting social services engineering situations, being bias, fabricating reports.
w) A parents profession such as the army or police (social services saying the parent is in a violent profession)
x) Future risk of harm to child without no or little evidence.
y) Removed for sexual abuse
z) Removed for emotional abuse
aa) Removed for neglect
bb) A parent went into a coma. Social Services stated the parent did not put the child first (this was an actual case study up north)

8. How many parents have contested the ICO’s or forced adoptions.

9. What research has been carried out on the effects of the
children that have been forcefully adopted and are now teens or adults; for example are they more prone to attachment disorders or involvement in crime?

10. Social Services state “in the best interest of the child.” Is adoption or removal of the child the best interest of the child if a parent has reported suspected abuse or a parent has had an accident? How many times has this scenario happened?

Yours faithfully,

R Simpson-Rankin

AngusBM, Angus Council

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