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for documents relating to the DfE's section 77 decision regarding Phase 2a of Hackney Council's Britannia project

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Thomas William Bainbridge

Dear Department for Education,

I refer you to Hackney Council's section 77 consultation regarding its plans, as part of Phase 2a of its Britannia project, to develop land that forms part of Shoreditch Park Primary School (https://consultation.hackney.gov.uk/comm...). I also refer you to the Department for Education's decision in approx. September 2021 to refuse Hackney Council's section 77 application (https://www.shoreditchpark.hackney.sch.u...).

In that context, I hereby make a freedom of information request for access to documents held by the Department for Education, including decisions by it, documents prepared by or for it, and submissions made to it, concerning Hackney Council's Britannia Project Phase 2a and its related section 77 application to your Department.

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Bainbridge

MINISTERS, Department for Education

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Dear Thomas Bainbridge 

Thank you for your recent enquiry which was received on 23/10/2021.

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Dear Mr Thomas Bainbridge,

Please find attached the response to your request for information.

Your sincerely

Lateef Agboola
Director’s Office Support Team | Capital Directorate | Operations Group |
5^th Floor | Sanctuary Building | Great Smith Street | London | SW1P 3BT

ACCOUNT, Unmonitored, Department for Education

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Dear Mr Bainbridge,

Thank you for your request for information, which was received on 19
November 2021. Your request was:

Thank you for your letter of 18 November 2021, and for your offer to
discuss the scope of my FOI request.

From our conversation, I understand that the grounds for the minister’s
decision to reject the section 77 application are set out in detail in the
relevant “consent letter”.

On that basis, if you are able to share a copy of the consent letter with
me, that will satisfy my request for information in relation to this
I should be grateful if you could also share a copy of Hackney Council’s
s.77 application, which together with the minister’s decision would
satisfy my request for information in relation to this matter.

I am dealing with your request under the Environmental Information
Regulations 2004 (EIRs).

The department holds the information you have requested and the documents
are attached. There are 15 documents in scope of this request. Please
note, we have interpreted the second part of your request to mean the
application form and the initial supporting documents which were submitted
to the department in March 2020.

The documents being released as part of this request are:

* Application covering letter
* SATPF1 Application Form
* Valuation Report from Lambert Smith Hampton
* Shoreditch Park current site plan
* Site Plan showing the section 77 area affected and the proposed new
playground provision
* Photos of existing site
* Consultation documents:

* Presentation to parents
* Section 77 Shoreditch Park Primary School letter to residents
* Section 77 Shoreditch Park Primary School settings letter

* Letter from Shoreditch Park Primary School Governors in response to
the S77 proposal
* Response letter from Hackney in response to Governors
* Map showing section 77 ½ mile radius for primary schools
* Map showing 1 mile radius for secondary schools
* Annex A section 77 application for schools within radii
* S77 application decision letter

You will see there are a number of redactions where we have applied
regulation 12(3) of the EIRs. This exception provides an exemption for 3rd
party personal data. when information is the personal data of someone
other than the applicant, regulation 12(3) requires us not to disclose
that personal data, except in accordance with regulation 13. Regulation 13
prohibits us from disclosing third-party personal data if this would
contravene the GDPR or the DPA 2018.

The department also holds a copy of the S77 consultation report. This
document was included in the initial application, however, we have not
included the report as part of this response as it can be viewed [1]here.

If you have any queries about this letter, please contact me. Please
remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications.

If you are unhappy with the way your request has been handled, you should
make a complaint to the department by writing to me within two calendar
months of the date of this letter. Your complaint will be considered by an
independent review panel, which was not involved in the original
consideration of your request. 

If you are not content with the outcome of your complaint to the
department, you may then contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Yours sincerely

Rob Giles

Senior Case Manager, Legal & Transactions, Capital Group | Operations


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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Thomas William Bainbridge please sign in and let everyone know.