FOI Request on British Telecom research center /artificial life ,Adastral Park Directed energy devices/weaponry

Alexander Dobre made this Freedom of Information request to Essex Police

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Dear Essex Police,
I am interested in information on Confiscated devices and technology possibly used by police such as RF weaponry or devices and or human manipulation devices made by or associated to British Telecom Research Centre, Adastral Park, The Post office research center (artificial life projects possibly), ..Dr.Frey, Dr. Winter or the "Dream Catcher", "psychological language machine" or "the end of death" (projects/devices/weaponry/ remote human manipulation devices software and aerospace/brain waves/ and The Blood Brain Barrier ,additionally where persons outside of police intend on causing situations and intend not to provide a remedy (practitioners or operators??) (psychotronic operators and M.O.D). Devices confiscated from truant M.O.D
personnel on or off duty is included in this request.

The blood Brain barrier as understood by British telecom research centre and the NHS UK is of interest (situationally)(The police /ipcc should take into account that such information may work to prevent situations whereby persons which remote or other detailed equipment take no responsibility which includes listing of such persons and there purposes . This would help avoid areas where such equipment is used or might have effect which does include tactical purposes of medicine.

The Blood brain Barrier and the nomenclature used in application refers to association with the above or isolated from each association (terminology ,geography )including the application of information on the above in any and all applications ,situationally and otherwise including confiscation ,questioning, and complaints against police acting against legislated purposes including targeting civilians or other persons.

I am also definitely interested in information about The British Telecom Research Centre, Adastral Park, or The Post office Research Centre. Specifically charges against them associated or not to the NHS by individuals, the citizens advice bureau or queries ,complaints ,notices or permission given to them by Essex County police/ipcc ,within Essex or to persons utilising their equipment referring to directed energy devices, brain waves, "The end of Death " ,project, "Dream Catcher" and the "Blood Brain Barrier" the police or ipcc have or may provide reference to or have had to formally make reference to warning against effects or that such devices destroy the purposes of justice , a remedy and the NHS Essex , Suffolk and the UK. This request does not exclude medical personnel or the use of other persons in any way to avoid responsibility.

Yours faithfully,

Alexander Dobre

Data FOI Essex, Essex Police

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Data FOI Essex, Essex Police

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Thank you for your enquiry which has been logged under the above

Under the Freedom of Information Act we are required to reply within 20
working days.  The Act does not specify a limit to the number of
information requests a public authority may receive or the number of
requests or questions an applicant may submit.  However, there are
exemptions in the Act that can apply and these include where the cost of
complying with the request would extend beyond the reasonable cost limit,
(currently 18 hours or £450), or if the request is otherwise manifestly
unreasonable in its scope or nature. 


Requests that ask a great many questions, or a number of detailed requests
submitted at the same time, may make it necessary for Essex Police to
refuse the requests wholly or in part. The exemption at s14 may be engaged
if the burden on the authority is increased through multiple requests on
differing subjects


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has responsibility for
providing oversight and guidance for the legislation and they have
produced advice for applicants on submitting effective requests.  Further
information can be found on the Commissioner’s website at
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While we process your request, please take the time to consider the ICO’s
advice and whether you feel it may be beneficial to amend or refine your
request. Our team is happy to discuss your request with you and will be
able to provide advice as to what kind of information will be available
from Essex Police.



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