G Spencer-Humphrey

Dear Abbey Road Primary School (Nottingham)

Please provide a breakdown of net and gross salaries to the following positions held within your school over the last 5 years.

* Head Teacher
* Deputy Head Teacher
* Assistant Head Teacher (if applicable)
* Senior/Higher Grade Teachers (with management or teaching lead responsibilities)
* Senior Admin Officer (the most senior administrative officer at your school)
* The highest paid unqualified teacher (if applicable)
* The lowest qualified teacher in your school
* The Site Manager

Please provide a breakdown of all monies claims by school governors (by each year) over the last 5 years. It will be sufficient to state '2012 - claims by governors totalled £XXX.xx'

How many 'child at risk' referrals were made by your school to Children's Services departments (not the police) over the last 5 years, please breakdown by referrals made each year.

Please provide a list (with the total cost) of any purchases over the value of £5,000 for the last 6 years which only required governor's consent.

Yours faithfully,

Mr G Spencer-Humphrey

Ead, H, Abbey Road Primary School, Nottingham

Dear Mr G Spencer-Humphrey
We acknowledge receipt of your request. The school is currently closed for the summer and the request will be attended to when term begins early in September.
Acting Head Teacher

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Ead, H, Abbey Road Primary School, Nottingham

Dear Mr Spencer-Humphrey,
Below are the answers we have provided for the requests you made.

Request A

Throughout the 5 year period, all teaching staff at Abbey Road were paid in
accordance with the national payscales; the current information is available
at the DfE website and earlier years are available either online or in
published documents. A total of 5 fte staff received TLR level 2 payments.
The highest paid classroom teachers were paid at UPS 3 and the lowest at
scale point 6 (the bottom of the range). There are no unqualified teachers,
though this does occasionally arise when students have completed their
course and can work temporarily as unqualified teachers until they graduate;
this has arisen twice in the past five years and staff and were paid in line
with the national grades. The Headteacher was appointed on a range between
points 18 and 24 on the Leadership pay spine and the Deputy on a range from
points 7 to 11; there is no assistant head. All other staff are paid in
accordance with Nottinghamshire County Council published pay rates; it would
identify personal information related to two people to disclose these

Request B

No governors have claimed any expenses.

Request C

Abbey Road catchment is a largely affluent area and this impacts on many
social indicators. Whilst the school does occasionally make 'at risk'
referrals the numbers each year are tiny and to disclose them would risk
identifying specific families.

Request D

The wording of this request is unclear.

Yours sincerely
C. Rees
Acting Head

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