FOI Request: Ancillary staff in higher education institutions in the UK

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The request was successful.

Dear University of Bolton,
My colleague and I are conducting a study looking at ancillary staff in higher education institutions in the UK. In this study, we define ancillary staff as those whose main role involve cleaning, catering and security, while acknowledging that these categories do not cover all ancillary staff.
Please could you provide the following information:
• Please indicate whether the following categories of staff are employed by your institution or through a contractor:
o Cleaners
o Security staff
o Catering staff.

• How many people are employed in each role?
o Cleaners (outsourced)
o Cleaners (in house)
o Security (outsourced)
o Security (in house)
o Catering staff (outsourced)
o Catering staff (in house)

• Do you have any policies in place that provide specific support to ancillary staff, and/or any policies that embed this support?

• What type of contract are ancillary staff employed on?
o Fixed Term
o Open ended
o A mix of both but mostly open ended
o A mix of both but mostly fixed term
o A mix of both in similar proportions.

• In your institution, are ancillary workers typically on part time or full time contracts?
o Full time
o Part time
o A mix of both but mostly full time
o A mix of both but mostly part time
o A mix of both in similar proportions.

• Are the trade unions representing ancillary staff recognised in your institution? Yes/no
Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully,

Lucie Wheeler

Dear University of Bolton,

Please note that the FOI request sent to you on 25/09/23 is now overdue

Yours faithfully,

Lucie Wheeler

Williams, Sara, University of Bolton

Dear Lucie,

Thank you for your enquiry requesting information under Section 1 (1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Please see our responses in your original request below.

We trust this information assists you with your enquiry.

Kind regards,

Sara Williams
HR Information & Systems Officer
Human Resources (Z3-046, Services and Administration Centre)
University of Bolton, Deane Road, Bolton, BL3 5AB
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