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Devin Marshall made this Freedom of Information request to University of Bedfordshire

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The request was refused by University of Bedfordshire.

Dear University of Bedfordshire,

I would like you to detail in full a list of the top 50 main subcontractors that you use that provide any forms of facilities management, contract cleaning , contracted maintenance works , plumbing, electrical, roofing, work , gardening, landscaping, pest control, furniture, technology. Also please detail all the main suppliers you use or service providers as well as any major contractors used for any cleaning supplies or technologies such as computers, desks, regeneration or building works you have have had or have currently underway. Please also detail the security company you use along with any details of any other companies you have current frame work agreements with or contracts.. many thanks

Yours faithfully,

Devin Marshall

Legal Office, University of Bedfordshire

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Sarineh Tahmasi, University of Bedfordshire

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Dear Mr Marshall,


Please find attached, the University of Bedfordshire’s response to your
request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


With regards,


Sarineh Tahmasi


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