Fluoride concentration monitoring data over time

Deborah made this Environmental Information Regulations request to Hartlepool Water
You only have a right in law to access information about the environment from this authority
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The request was successful.

Dear Hartlepool Water,

I would like to request the daily fluoride concentration (Fluoride mg/L) records for the treatment works that supply naturally fluoridated water to Hartlepool.

I would like the records for as far back as you have them, for every day if possible, in an excel format please.

Yours faithfully,


Moody Claire, Hartlepool Water

Communication Reference 11/01/2496
Dear Deborah
Thank you for your email dated 12 March 2018 as below.
Hartlepool Water is subject to the provisions of the Environmental
Information Regulation (EIR), which concerns the provision of
environmental information. Your request has been considered under this
Fluoride is measured under the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations
2016 (as amended) at customers’ taps and is already formatted for any
customer to use, on the company webpages.  I have added the 2016 and 2017
Data to this email as an example. 

Fluoride (mg/l)

Year Public Water Supply Zone area No of Samples Minimum Mean Maximum
2016 Hartlepool PWSZ 9 1.235 1.273 1.335
2016 Wynyard PWSZ 4 1.215 1.241 1.27
2017 Hartlepool PWSZ 66 1.199 1.244 1.326
2017 Wynyard PWSZ 77 1.199 1.242 1.326

If this data is of use to you, please let me know and older data can be
With regards
Claire Moody
Water Quality Regulation Scientist

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Dear Claire Moody,

Many thanks for the information that you supplied in Communication Reference 11/02/2496.

The data that you have supplied is helpful. I would be very grateful if you could also supply the older data that you kindly offered. Is it possible to have the measurements for the individual samples, rather than an annual mean? It is the natural variation that is of particular interest.

Yours sincerely,


Moody Claire, Hartlepool Water

Thank you for your email.
Do you have a professional/research email address I can use to communicate
with you, rather than a third party website? 
Could you also give some background regarding your intended use of the
With kind regards
Claire Moody
Water Quality Regulation Scientist

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Dear Moody Claire,

Yes that makes sense. You can contact me on [email address]


Yours sincerely,