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Daniel T Cleary

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Can you confirm that under Flexible New Deal (FND) for fast-tracked participants, they could get referred to your exernal FND Providers from [A.] October 2009 and that they had to undertake a minimum [B.] 4 week Mandatory Work Related Activity (MWRA) and under The Social Security (Flexible New Deal) Regulations 2009 that MWRA can include mandatory [C.] Work Placements? Per:

(5) In regulation 75(1)(a) (interpretation)(4)—

(a) in head (iii), at the end omit “and”;

(b) at the end of head (iv), insert “; and” and the following head—

“(v) the Flexible New Deal, being the programme known by that name and provided pursuant to arrangements made by the Secretary of State or on his behalf under section 2 of the Employment and Training Act 1973, which lasts for up to 78 weeks for any individual and consisting for that individual of one or more of the following elements—

(aa) assisting in the completion of an action plan to record the activity that he will undertake whilst attending the programme in order to improve his employment prospects or to obtain employment;

(bb) a work placement...lasting for a continuous period of at least four weeks;

Please also confirm that from October 2009 to May 2010, there was [D.] no reason any external DWP FND provider could not arrange a mandatory Work Placement?

Yours faithfully,

Dan Cleary

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