Flexibility with regards to ESA MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
Can you please supply me with the documentation highlighting the directions that state that Service Users are only now allowed only one cancellation of their DWP medical examination, before they are referred back to the DWP,for the individual to account for the reason they have not attended their medical examination?
Can you supply me with the reason why the DWP have now brought out the rules that Service users can only have one cancellation pertaining to their Medical Examination?
Why does the DWP consider that it is acceptable for Service users to only have one cancellation of their Medical examination? some of the Service users are suffering from some very debilitating and life threatening conditions, why can the Department Not be more flexible with regards to sometimes very ill individuals instead of using bullying tactics with regards to BENEFIT SANCTIONS?

Yours faithfully,

Alison Stevens

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A Stevens

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Many Thanks

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John Slater left an annotation ()

This is another example of the DWP not telling the truth. The statement that statute does not allow for WCA to be postponed in untrue. Statute is silent on delaying WCA so it isn't saying one thing of the other.

Technically the DWP is correct that statute doesn't allow for delaying WCA as there is not a specific clause that says WCA can be delayed. Equally there isn't a clause that says they can't be delayed!

The DWP statement that a WCA can only be delayed for 4 weeks and then only once is purely DWP departmental policy and has no statutory backing!

William Hammonds left an annotation ()

Use whatever you like to make a record of your audible presentation.
Atos HCP can misrepresent a client in all wca reports.
The only way to put a stop to this is to have an audio recording made of the wca.
Atos will offer to supply the audio equipment. When you arrive at your wca they will ask you to sign a waiver which states that you will not use the recording for any other purpose than to assist your claim. After all, the recording will belong to them and they can decide what a copy can be used for.
If you have a wca booked you can take your own recording equipment as long as you give formal notice that you intend to record.It could go like this "I hereby give formal notice of intent to make audio recording of my audible presentation during wca on (date) at (address). This recording will include audio recording of any other person attending wca and will be used for any porpose including but not limited to private prosecutions of hcp"
You do not need permission to give notice. Just push it in front of the hcp, and go ahead and record with whatever you feel would be admissible in court.
This will make the recording yours, and you can use it to prosecute the HCP privately. The Hcp can not hide behind the corporation when accused of misrepresentation which has caused loss or harm.
Small claims courts were designed to simplify claims, and I can assure you that you will be surprised at how easy it can be to prosecute. One step above small claims courts are fast track courts. These courts are also a breeze. Try visiting any of these courts and ask an official how to make a claim, they will gladly help you as it is in their interest to have the business.