Dear Mole Valley District Council,

The Local Authority is requested to provide a list of motor
Vehicles owned or leased to the council.
Please include; Registration Mark, Fleet number (if used), Chassis
Make, Model and Body Type.

Also can you please let me know how these vehicles are maintained?
Ever in house or out sourced.

Yours faithfully,

Marc willis

FOI - Freedom of Information, Mole Valley District Council

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Dear Mr Willis

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000. Please see attached spreadsheet and comments
below in answer to your questions.

The council does not record the vehicles chassis number.

Our fleet is not of sufficient size to require a system of fleet

The private cars are maintained through the Leasing contract by outside

The Council do have an in house maintenance facility for its own
vehicles, with additional use of outside providers for maintenance and
repair. The Commercial Vehicles therefore are a combination of in house
and outside repairers.

Sue Read
FOI Officer
Mole Valley District Council
01306 885001

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