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syd vaughan made this Freedom of Information request to Birmingham City Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Birmingham City Council,the aldis store on the maypole was given planning permission on conditions that it had affordable flats above the store, there are approx 20 flats above this store and not one has been let out, this is in breach of their agreement, and after 4 years i would like to know why none of these flats have are not rented out

Yours faithfully,

syd vaughan

Birmingham City Council

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Hi ,

Please see attached. This came to me as an FOI request, but I feel it is
more of an enquiry than an FOI and therefore I have asked for the FOI team
to remove it.

Please can you progress the enquiry through our normal processes.

The customers email address is syd vaughan
<[FOI #158974 email]>

Kind regards,


Dawn Terry , Customer Service Co-ordinator, Planning and Regeneration

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Birmingham City Council

Dear Mr Vaughan,

I write in response to your request for information concerning flats above
the Aldi supermarket store at Alcester Road, Maypole.

I have looked at the original planning approval for the superstore and 22
flats (ref. 2007/04491/PA) and the Section 106 agreement which sets out the
requirements in relation to the provision of affordable housing. I note
that, while there is a condition requiring the development to be commenced
within three years of the date of the decision (by 22 May 2011) there is no
similar condition requiring it to be completed. Indeed, it would be very
unusual for a condition requiring a development to be completed to be
attached to a planning approval and I know of no such cases. Under these
circumstances, there is no obligation on the developer to complete the
project and there is no enforcement action open to the Council to bring
about that completion. Furthermore, there are no planning powers to force
occupation of new dwellings. Once the units are complete, the developer
will have to meet the terms of the Section 106 agreement in respect of how
many units are affordable and the tenure.

I hope this clarifies the situation but please contact me directly if you
wish to discuss this matter further.

Yours sincerely,

Amy Stevenson I Senior Planning Officer I Planning & Regeneration I South

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Please note that any view expressed in this email constitutes an informal
officer opinion only and is given without prejudice to the determination of
any future planning application or to the views of the Planning Committee.
You should also be aware that under the Freedom of Information Act 2000,
information you provide may be made available for public inspection.

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B Payne left an annotation ()

I entirely agree with Syd Vaughan. It is disgusting that these flats are empty when so many people need somewhere to live. The Council say they have no power, yet the developer will not be paying any Council Tax (the council will have assessed them as not completed) How ludricous!1 Regeneration???? No, a scam to get planning approved then NOT provide affordable housing.

The local MP should do something to get these flats occupied, along with many other "empty" properties in Birmingham and elsewhere occupied.

There is a shortage of housing, there are people looking for homes. Empty houses + homeless people + problem sorted :)

Susan Harper left an annotation ()

I agree something should be done about the flats above Aldi Maypole, it's a crying shame to let them stay empty when people are crying out for places, I came past the flats today and some of the windows and doors are open , surely the council can step in about this mater, so many on the waiting list to be rehoused,

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