Flamingo Park Business possibly "LIVE" on a Business Register at Land Registry

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Land Registry should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear HM Land Registry,

I, Mrs Margaret Adams wish to make a Freedom of Information request to HM Land Registry in relation to our families business that closed down to the public and ceased to trade on 1 November, 2015.

I do not own any property or land but does the HM Land Registry hold "LIVE" on perhaps a BUSINESS REGISTER the former now closed down BUSINESS of the FLAMINGO PARK, OAKHILL ROAD, SEAVIEW ISLE OF WIGHT PO34 5AP that our family ran as a BUSINESS up to 1 November, 2015 with my name still attached within certain register/s at the Land Registry?

Would or could there be possibly a register set up with my name attached whereby I cannot view this register because of unregistered interests that override registered dispositions?

Yours faithfully,


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Warwick Clark left an annotation ()

You can check the register yourself online


Using the post code you have included in your request brings up 28 results, none of which seem to correlate to the address you have put in your request. Why not try this search facility for yourself? It might save you time waiting for a formal FOI reply.

Warwick Clark left an annotation ()

PS - if you wish to know what land and property is registered in your name you can use the search service offered by HMLR


There is a charge for this and you cannot obtain this information via FOI (would be exempt as it is personal data).

Dear Land Registry,

Your reply please is long overdue in relation to my request that does HM Land Registry hold a Flamingo Park Business Oakhill Road, Seaview, Isle Of Wight, PO34 5AP possibly "LIVE" on a Business Register at Land Registry.

Yours faithfully,

Margaret Adams