Dear Craven District Council,

I am writing further to the FOI you received on 13/10/2011 and responded to on 20/10/2011 regarding fixed asset register.

In the previous request (link below) you applied a section 22 exemption citing the information will be published on your website within weeks of the response date. I am unable to locate this information and am therefore requesting a copy of your fixed asset register.

Please accept my apology if the information has been published; could you direct me to the location.

Yours faithfully,

Charlie Milton

Colin Iveson, Craven District Council

Dear Mr Milton

Please note that the information we are proposing to place on the website is the Asset Register, not the Fixed Asset Register at this stage.

I have notified my colleague that you require a copy of the Fixed Asset Register and will ask her to send one to you.

My apologies for any confusion over the this request.

Colin Iveson
Democratic Services Manager
Craven District Council Offices, 1 Belle VueSquare, SKIPTON. BD23 1FJ
Tel: 01756 706231

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Mary Kennedy, Craven District Council

Hello Charlie
Our Asset Management team maintain a register of the Council's property assets, but you will understand that the fixed assets register includes other capital items (such as vehicles, plant, etc).
If you are only interested in the property register, I understand that will be available on our website within the next few days. Please let me know if that contains all you need.
If however you wish to view our full fixed asset register, that will not be in a publishable format for some time.
We are in the process of implementing a computerised Fixed Assets accounting system, as the current method using spreadsheets is inadequate for IFRS accounting.
You will understand that before making this available to the general public we must have the data fully audited, and we have a deadline for completion of this as 31st March 2012.
It is therefore after that date that the Register of Non-current Assets is likely to be available for publication.
Please let me know if you require any information before that date and I will endeavour to prepare the data for you from the 'old' system.
I would need to know the extent of the data you require for each asset - i.e. do you just need a list of all assets held or do you need to know type of asset (IFRS category), date acquired (if known), etc).
Mary Kennedy
Principal Accountant - Capital & Treasury

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